Labrador Mix - Adult - Male
Adoptable Large

This big boy is Barry. Barry is around 6 years old and a happy boy. Barry is very active and loves to play–especially ball. He loves, loves, loves balls and will chase and retrieve for as long as you are willing to throw. Barry is great on a leash and is very smart and curious. He loves the freedom of a pet door and soft places to lay. Barry’s life goal is to be a lap dog. He wants to be wherever you are (typical lab) and can get a little anxious in new places — but he settles quickly as he a pleaser and really just wants to be your side kick. Barry is incredibly good-natured, sweet and loving.

Barry has what the vet believes is a birth defect or an old injury to his left eye – its a little droopy – it does not affect his vision or bother him at all. Barry is a great dog. Apply to meet him today.