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Upcoming Event

Come join us and meet some of our labbies!
HLR Meet and Greet –

Please check back for upcoming events.

Adopt A Senior

November is Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month! Senior pets are often overlooked, but they can actually make the very best pets! They already know the rules, but are still eager to learn more? Seniors are playful, easy-going, and ready to please you. Adopt a senior pet and find a friend that is ready to fit in to your life right away. They will love you for it!

Heartland Lab Rescue has several senior labs. Check out Lucky, Samson, Purcell, Kenny, Grizzly, Josie, Anne, Miss B, Sami and Sydney. Also inquire about Glenn, Linda, Reba, and Cassie, newly entered into the Heartland family.

Plea for Help for Charles

UPDATE ON CHARLES!!! Charles is doing better, slowly he is gaining weight and strength and his horrific wounds are healing. We hope he will soon be ready to undergo the surgery for his hips. The donations received to date have not yet covered his medical costs so far, and more is needed for his surgery. If you have been watching our Facebook page, you have seen the sad photos of Charles. Charles was found abandoned by a lake with bite wounds inflicted by other dogs – perhaps he had been used as a bait dog. The wounds were so deep that they dislocated his hips. To date, we are attempting to heal his infected wounds and build his strength up so that he can have surgery on his hips. We need funds to help pay his medical bills. If you can help, please go to our donations page and note that the donation is for Charles. We only exist with your help – Thank you so much.