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Happy Tails, Henry

Henry is doing great!!  As you can see from the photo, all my grandchildren love him.  He is a great fit for our household.  We have him in obedience training and we are making progress.  Thanks for all that you do for these great dogs.

-Don, June 2009

Happy Tails, Birdie (FKA Louise)

I wanted to update you on “Louise”, now known as Birdie!  We have had a wonderful weekend with her and just love her already!  She is so well behaved and loving.  Boy, does she love to give kisses!  She has been so patient with Cookie as well.  Cookie has actually gotten into the dog bed with Birdie a few times already!  We bought some new dog beds and Cookie made herself at home in the big bed which was intended for Birdie.  But Birdie is so easy going she just settled on the small bed.  Birdie figured out the dog door super fast and hasn’t had any accidents at all.

Birdie is such a sweet girl and we are so thankful to have her!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this sweet girl into our lives!  She has fit right in with our family!

-Catherine, August 2013

Happy Tails, Lila (FKA Lydia)

Lily is doing great!! She is such a joy and a perfect fit for our family.  She still loves chilling out and getting plenty of sleep, but she gets more playful and loving every day.  I think her very favorite thing are our daily walks.  I still get up early before work and take her on a morning walk and then Tyler or I take her on another walk in the evening.  Every morning when my alarm clock goes off she gets so excited because she knows that means we get to go for a walk.

-Angela & Tyler, June 2013

Happy Tails, Lila


It’s really neat to see how quickly she’s starting to come out of her shell. We borrowed our neighbor’s kiddie pool. She somewhat enjoyed it, but I think she was a little too nervous to be totally comfortable with playing in it or even to know exactly what to do with it. We got it out last weekend and she had a ball!

She was leaping and flopping down in the water with her ball. It was so funny and cute! She is finally starting to let go of some of her “worries” and just be a happy Labbie! We are looking forward to further adventures with her and are very grateful Heartland Lab Rescue found and rescued her!

– Jim & Darcy

Happy Tails, Lucy!

lucyWe love Lucy! Thank you so much for rescuing sweet Lucy and for the opportunity to welcome her into our home. She’s a perfect fit in our family and we all absolutely adore her. She is incredibly sweet, calm and gentle.

She is wonderful with kids, walks great on a leash, catches the frisbee, plays fetch with the ball, likes car rides, loves her stuffed animal “friend”, and enjoys being by our side as much as we enjoy having her by our side. We cannot possibly understand how she became homeless! Thank you for your commitment and devotion in finding these precious labs a forever family!

~ the Yarbroughs~