Happy Tails, Birdie (FKA Louise)

I wanted to update you on “Louise”, now known as Birdie!  We have had a wonderful weekend with her and just love her already!  She is so well behaved and loving.  Boy, does she love to give kisses!  She has been so patient with Cookie as well.  Cookie has actually gotten into the dog bed with Birdie a few times already!  We bought some new dog beds and Cookie made herself at home in the big bed which was intended for Birdie.  But Birdie is so easy going she just settled on the small bed.  Birdie figured out the dog door super fast and hasn’t had any accidents at all.

Birdie is such a sweet girl and we are so thankful to have her!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this sweet girl into our lives!  She has fit right in with our family!

-Catherine, August 2013

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