Happy Tails, Sophi (FKA Calli)

I got this picture of Sophi (Callie) on the way home in the car yesterday!  The girls played a little “Wild Kingdom” most of the way!  Lots of checking each other out.  When we got home she stuck real close to Glenn most of the evening kind of looking lovingly into his eyes!!  Our daughter brought her two little ones over as well so we had a full evening.  She settled right in ad bed time and we didn’t hear a peep out of her all night.  We’ve had a couple of nice long walks and she is already better on the leash than she was last night.  She does real well in the car, too.  We’ve run numerous errands today, lots less wild kingdom!  Thanks again for thinking of us when this gal came to you!

– Dana & Glenn,

We’ll keep you posted from time to time.
Dana & Glenn, February 2012

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