In memory of Eddie (FKA Magic)


My best friend Eddie passed away yesterday. We adopted Eddie (fka Magic) a little over 8 years ago from Heartland Lab Rescue. He was about 6 months old and very much a puppy. It was not all an easy road, but we grew into a family and Eddie was treasured by his forever home. He loved to chase squirrels, go swimming in the river, ride in the car with his dad, and run with his mom in the park. He loved to give hugs and snuggles. He lived a happy life. A few weeks ago we found out he had a malignant tumor on his heart and a few weeks later he was gone.

We learned many things from Eddie. He taught us to love unconditionally, find joy in the silliest things, and most definitely to live in the moment. He was a wise soul and by having been a part of our family changed our lives forever.

Thank you Heartland Lab Rescue for bringing him into our lives.

Betsy Bivona

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  • Beth Bloss says

    So very sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a very special and wonderful boy. Thank you for giving him such a wonderful home and making him part of your family. Hugs.

    • Kirby says

      My beloved Lucky had the same story in many ways. She was 9 and began to have complications so I took her to the vet and discovered her had tumors on her heart and spleen.

      More then one vet told me it would cost thousands to treat her and there was no guarantee. Only about 20 percent shed pull through but shed be in pain and on meds for the remainder of her life.

      They said if i did nothing id find her maybe in 48 hours dead. I had to make the painful choice to end it for her but like your baby she taught me so much.

      In her honor i gave a new baby black lab a chancd and have never regreted it. God gave me many gifts in my life but one of the greatest is the love these labs give.

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